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Bringing a Bolder you, one Color at a Time

Klein & Mandarin

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About - Klein & Mandarin

Klein and mandarin were created to be bold to be colorful and to take the participant places that are unexpected. In the contemporary landscape of sand beige taupe and tan, fuschia and turquoise can produce a visual phrase that we may not be accustomed to but once experienced and paired with the right creative balance of texture and form pattern and paint, we begin to hear the beautiful chords in the language of color.

Today's design language has rewritten color and pattern as too rich for the popular tastes. Simple design has become synonymous with the absence of embellishment, flourish or color. The latest design philosophy or fashion is clean, stripped down to its essentials ...basic.

The Klein and Mandarin client is not basic.

Klein and Mandarin subscribe to Diana Vreeland's belief that "The eye must travel', to be an adventurer, to discover the strange and taste the unaccustomed,... to be a global citizen.

Maximalism is our approach to design. We believe that life should be rich, saturated and filled with stimulation to challenge the heart, mind and soul. Taking inspiration from travels and experiences, a decade in New York City moving to the city’s exciting pace, a life lived in the Hollywood Hills surrounded by its glamour, pursuits in Paris and London working in fashion. Sabbaticals in Turkey and Greece and the Mediterranean, the humid beaches of Sao Paulo and Rio, India and Japan, all these experiences make up the vivid world of the maximalist and the Klein and Mandarin brand.

James Eiel

BIO - James Eidel

I’m a maximalist. No one who’s ever encountered my designs, or myself, can use anything short of flamboyant adjectives to describe the experience. My thoughts, plans, projects and my designs are all bold and unapologetic landscapes of color and sound. My first rule of creating is” there are no rules”. From rebranding and modernizing fortune 500 retail chains to curating a boutique gala event that pushes the limits of experiences, I’ve been designing and producing results that respect the five senses and the bottom line for over 30 years.

Retail and commercial spaces developed in NYC, Los Angeles, London, and Paris or residential projects in Southern California, New York, Miami, each project begins with an understanding of the brand or client and a commitment to the essence of the project above everything else. I believe great design and engaging spaces will segue into a profitable outcome and a return on the investment. 




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