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The adventure starts each day at home, we eat, sleep, live and love i n our home. For some this home is a quiet place of simple pleasures and orderly attention.

For the Klein & Mandarin Client, it is a place that completes their personal adventure. A place that exists no where else its unique and a sole expression of themselves.

A Klein & Mandarin client uses their personal space to radiate from, to move trough life's adventures with boldness.

Klein & Mandarin was created to be bold, to be colorful and to take the participant places that are unexpected like Turkish coffee, Italian campari and bitters, or a dry French pinot noir, not every taste appeals to every palette.

In the contemporary landscapes of Sand, Beige, Tan and Taupe: Fuchsia and Narcissus can produce a visual phrase or expression that we are not accustomed to.

Once experienced and paired with the right creative expressions of texture and form, pattern and paint, we begin to hear the beautiful tones in the language of color and can appreciate it.

Todays language has rewritten color and pattern info four letter words from an unfamiliar tongue. Simple design has some how become synonymous with the absence of embellishment, flourish or color, as if wanting to express oneself is garish or decadent. This latest design philosophy is "clean", striped down to its essentials ... basic.

The Klein & Mandarin client is never basic.

Klein & Mandarin subscribes to the Dianna Vreeland belief that " The Eye MUST Travel". To be an adventurer, to discover the strange, to taste the unaccustomed, to be a Global Citizen.

Maximalism is our approach to design. We believe that life should be rich, saturated, and filed with stimulation to challenge the Heart, Mind and Soul. We take inspiration from our travels and our experiences. A decade in NYC move to the rhythm of this international city. A life lives ensconced in the Hollywood Hills, surrounded by its glamour, a pursuit in Paris working with Peclers forecasting trends, sabbaticals in Turkey, Greece and the Mediterranean, the humid beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the cosmopolitan São Paulo, all these Experiences Make up the vivid world of the Maximalist and the Klein & Mandarin Brand.

Klein & Mandarin


Klein & Mandarin

Commercial Design

Branding, Project Management

Founded in the spring of 2020, Klein & Mandarin was developed as a faster, more mercurial alternative to design inside the corporate sphere. With one of a kind, forward thinking commercial and residential installations and non profit events.

Full Service Design Studio

1. consultations

2. proposals

3. space planing

4. project management

5. conceptualizing

6. presentations

7. finishing strategies

8. procuring sources

9. installation

10. full visual branding

In house service include:

1. AutoCAD, SketchUP, Rendering

2. Photography services

3. Website Development

4. Event launches