Klein & Mandarin

For the Klein & Mandarin Client, it is a place that completes their personal adventure. A place that exists no where else its unique and a sole expression of themselves.

A Klein & Mandarin client uses their personal space to radiate from, to move trough life's adventures with boldness.

The Klein & Mandarin client is never basic.

Maximalism is our approach to design. We believe that life should be rich, saturated, and filed with stimulation to challenge the Heart, Mind and Soul. We take inspiration from our travels and our experiences. A decade in NYC move to the rhythm of this international city. A life lives ensconced in the Hollywood Hills, surrounded by its glamour, a pursuit in Paris working with Peclers forecasting trends, sabbaticals in Turkey, Greece and the Mediterranean, the humid beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the cosmopolitan São Paulo, all these Experiences Make up the vivid world of the Maximalist and the Klein & Mandarin Brand.

James Eidel.

Klein & Mandarin